Symphony Of Destruction Tab

Download Symphony Of Destruction Tab “Symphony Of Destruction” was the second single from the fifth studio album by the American

3 January, 2021
Pentatonic Patterns 1 (E Minor) Tab

Download Pentatonic Patterns 1 (E Minor) Tab Pentatonic Patterns 1 (E Minor) is an exercise on a pattern that we

27 December, 2020
Voodoo Child (Slight Return) Tab

Download Voodoo Child Tab “Voodoo Child (Slight Return)” is a song by the trio “The Jimi Hendrix Experience” released in

13 December, 2020
American Idiot Tab

Download American Idiot Tab “American Idiot” is the first single from the album of the same name by Californian punk-rock

29 November, 2020
Breaking the Law Tab

Download Breaking the Law Tab “Breaking The Law” is the third track from the album “British Steel”, by the English

15 November, 2020
Message In A Bottle Tab

Download Message In A Bottle Tab “Message In A Bottle” is a song composed by Gordon Matthew Sumner (Sting) for

1 November, 2020
Black Dog Tab

Download Black Dog Tab “Black Dog” is the first track from the fourth studio album by English band Led Zeppelin

18 October, 2020
Sunday Bloody Sunday Tab

Download Sunday Bloody Sunday Tab “Sunday Bloody Sunday” is the first song from “War”, third album by the Irish band

4 October, 2020
Dust My Broom Tab

Download Dust my Broom Tab “Dust My Broom” is a song composed and recorded in 1936 by the singer and

20 September, 2020
Snow (Hey Oh) Tab

Download Snow (Hey Oh) Tab Snow (Hey Oh) is a song composed and performed by the American band Red Hot

6 September, 2020
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