Blitzkrieg Bop Tab

Download Blitzkrieg Bop Tab “Blitzkrieg Bop” is a song by the American punk-rock group Ramones written for their first self-titled

2 May, 2021
Pentatonic Patterns 2 (E Minor) Tab

Download Pentatonic Patterns 2 (E Minor) Tab Pentatonic Patterns 1 (E Minor) is an exercise on a pattern that we

25 April, 2021
Wonderful Tonight Tab

Download Wonderful Tonight Tab “Wonderful Tonight” is a song composed and performed by Eric Clapton and was featured on his

11 April, 2021
My Sharona Tab

Download My Sharona Tab “My Sharona” is a song included in the album “Get The Knack”, released in 1979, by

28 March, 2021
Bohemian Rhapsody Tab

Download Bohemian Rhapsody Tab “Bohemian Rhapsody” is a song and single performed by the British band Queen composed by their

14 March, 2021
Born To Be Wild Tab

Download Born To Be Wild Tab “Born To Be Wild” is a rock song composed by the Canadian musician Mars

28 February, 2021
Boulevard Of Broken Dreams Tab

Download Boulevard Of Broken Dreams Tab “Boulevard Of Broken Dreams” was the fourth single from the album “American Idiot” by

14 February, 2021
Ain´t Talkin´`Bout Love Tab

Download Ain´t talkin´`Bout Love Tab “Ain´t Talkin´`Bout Love” is a song by the American Hard Rock band Van Halen that

31 January, 2021
Moonlight Shadow Tab

Download Moonlight Shadow Tab “Moonlight Shadow” is a song written by British guitarist and multi-instrumentalist Mike Olfield for his eighth

17 January, 2021
Symphony Of Destruction Tab

Download Symphony Of Destruction Tab “Symphony Of Destruction” was the second single from the fifth studio album by the American

3 January, 2021
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