James Bond 007 Theme Tab



Product Description

The James Bond song is a composition with a certain jazzy air that appears recurrently in all the films in the series. It has had a large number of adaptations and variations depending on the prevailing musical style in each era.

Monty Norman has been credited as the song’s composer and received royalties for it since 1962, although according to critics and fans alike, John Barry was equally (or more) important in giving it its final shape and orchestrating it as it was later heard. Vick Flick, an English guitarist friend of Barry’s, was the one who recorded the distinctive electric guitar riff for the original version.

A large number of artists and bands have covered this song, including: The Ventures, Hank Marvin, Ray Barreto, Danny Davis, Brian Setzer, George Martin Orchestra, Count Basie, Johnny And The Hurricanes, Ray Martin, etc…

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