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“News” is the second song from the British band Dire Straits’ second album, “Communiqué”, released in 1979 and recorded at Compass Point Studios in the Bahamas.It is a soft and slow song but with a lot of dynamics and a lot of nuances, a way of playing very characteristic of the band in their first recordings./p>

The song begins with a guitar arpeggio by Mark Knopfler, followed by David Knopfler’s rhythm guitar, John Illsley’s bass, and Pick Whiters’ drums. A rather peculiar feature of the song is that it ends with only the drums, making a repetitive and very nuanced rhythm for more than 30 seconds.

Although it is not one of the band’s best-known songs for the majority of the public, it is one of the most valued by their fans, especially those who especially enjoyed Early Dire Straits, the group in its early days..

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