Roxanne Backing Track w/o Vocals


This is the Backing Track without Vocals from Roxanne Lesson.

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This is the Backing Track without Vocals from Roxanne Lesson.

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“Roxanne” is a song by the British band The Police written by their singer, bassist and leader Sting, included on their first 1978 album Outlandos d’Amour and released that same year as the second single from the album and re-released again the following year, taking advantage of the growing fame of the band.

The lyrics of the song talk about a fictitious prostitute named Roxanne and with whom Sting would be, also fictitiously, in love. Sting tells his feelings and tells the protagonist that he can’t bear to share her with other boys.

“Roxanne” has ended up becoming, over the years, one of the most important songs by The Police and by Sting himself, and Rolling Stone magazine ranked it at number 388 in the classification of “The 500 Best Songs Of All the times”. Musically, it was the perfect representation of what was called “Reggae Blanco”, a style attributed to the band and which they later developed in many other songs.

– Sting: Lead vocals, backing vocals and bass.
– Andy Summers: Guitar and backing vocals.
– Stewart Copeland.: Drums and backing vocals.

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