Should I Stay Or Should I Go? Backing Track w/o Guitar


This is the Backing Track without Guitar from Should I Stay Or Should I Go? Lesson.

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This is the Backing Track without Guitar from Should I Stay Or Should I Go? Lesson.

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“Should I stay Or Should I Go?” is a song by the English punk-rock band The Clash included on “Combat Rock”, released in 1981 and the last studio album of the group with the classic and original line-up,
composed by Joe Strummer and Mick Jones as singers and guitarists, Paul Simonon on bass and Topper Headon on drums.

Although it is credited to the four members of the band, it was really written only by Mick Jones and, in fact, there has been much speculation about whether the lyrics spoke of the situation that the musician was experiencing at that time in the band and his subsequent expulsion. or about his unstable and stormy relationship with his girlfriend at the time, Ellen Foley.

The song became a great success for the band from the first moment and the main single of the album and the energetic and powerful guitar riff and the pounding and catchy lyrics managed to transmit all the rebelliousness of the time, becoming positioned by Rolling Stone magazine ranked 228th on its list of the greatest songs of all time.

– Mick Jones: Lead vocals and guitar.
– Joe Strummer: Guitar and backing vocals.
– Paul Simonon: Bass.
– Topper Headon: Drums

Additional personnel:
– Joe Ely: Backing vocals.

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