Ain´t Talkin´`Bout Love

“Ain´t Talkin´`Bout Love” is a song by the American Hard Rock band Van Halen that appeared on their first self-titled album in 1978.

Eddie Van Halen composed the riff and the basic musical idea of ​​the song a year before the album was released but he was not very convinced of it and did not show it to his companions. However, it ended up being one of the singles on the album and one of the band’s best-known songs.

The song was originally sung by David Lee Roth and was one of the few in which Sammy Hagar, his later replacement, had no trouble singing at the group’s live shows.

– David Lee Roth: Vocals.
– Eddie Van Halen: Guitar, backing vocals.
– Michael Anthony: Bass, backing vocals.
– Alex Van Halen: Drums.

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