Bendings & Blues Licks

18 patterns of bending and blues licks to use in your own solos and improvisations. You can play it on A blues or any song in A minor or C major. If you want to use it in other keys you will have to change the place of the neck in which you are playing (Fm/AbM – Fret 1, F#m/AM – Fret 2, Gm/BbM – Fret 3, G#m/BM – Fret 4, Am/CM – Fret 5, Bbm/DbM – Fret 6, Bm/DM – Fret 7, Cm/EbM – Fret 8, C#m/EM – Fret 9, Dm/FM – Fret 10, Ebm/GbM – Fret 11, Em/GM – Fret 12).

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