Born To Be Wild

“Born To Be Wild” is a rock song composed by the Canadian musician Mars Bonfire and performed by the Canadian group, although based in California, Steppenwolf. Bonfire, real name Dennis Eugene McCrohan, was the brother of band drummer Jerry. Both changed their last names to Edmonton in the early 1960s when they were part of the band The Sparrows and later Dennis took Mars Bonfire as a stage name.

The song was recorded in 1968 for their self-titled album and has become the best known of the band forever without a doubt, especially after being chosen as part of the soundtrack of the movie “Easy Rider” so also since then. it is associated with the biker style.

It is a hard-hitting, wild rock song and is often regarded as the first truly heavy metal song (in the second verse precisely those words are quoted, “… heavy metal thunder …”).

– John Kay: Vocals and guitar.
– Michael Monarch: Guitar.
– Goldie McJohn: Keyboards.
– Rushton Moreve: Bass.
– Jerry Edmonton: Drums.

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