Boulevard Of Broken Dreams

“Boulevard Of Broken Dreams” was the fourth single from the album “American Idiot” by the Californian punk-rock band Green Day and has gone on to become the group’s biggest hit.

The song is the continuation of “Holiday” and tells how the protagonist of the conceptual album, Jesus of Suburbia, wants to find a love that saves him from loneliness but he walks alone through the streets accompanied only by his shadow. It is one of the lowest moments of the character in the entire album because he sees himself alone and without knowing what to do.

Noel Gallagher, guitarist and lead songwriter for the British group Oasis, sued Green Day on the grounds that “Boulevard Of Broken Dreams” is a plagiarism of “Wonderwall” but the lawsuit was dismissed because, although the first chords of both songs are exactly the same ones, it can not be considered that a song is only the chords so the accusation is meaningless.

– Billie Joe Armstrong: Lead vocals and guitars.
– Mike Dirnt: Bass and backing vocals.
– Tré Cool: Drums and backing vocals.
– Rob Cavallo: Piano and production.

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