Crazy Train

“Crazy Train” is a hard rock song written by singer and former Black Sabbath member Ozzy Osbourne, guitarist Randy Rhoads and bassist (ex-Rainbow) Bob Daisley and included on the album “Blizzard of Ozz”, first in solitaire of the British singer after leaving the Birmingham band due to alcohol and drug abuse.

The song begins with the bass and the drums marking a consistent and powerful rhythm on which the guitar is later superimposed with one of the most recognizable and famous riffs in the history of hard-rock and heavy metal. The lyrics speak precisely of Ozzy’s problems as a result of leaving Black Sabbath, how badly he had it after this and the fundamental support of his wife Sharon Osbourne and the new musical project to overcome all this.

It was, along with “Mr. Crowley”, the best-known single not only from the album but from Ozzy Osbourne’s entire solo career and has been covered by many artists and bands, including Sebastian Bach, Collective Soul, Nightwish or Twisted Sister among others.

– Ozzy Osbourne: Vocals.
– Randy Rhoads: Guitar.
– Bob Daisley: Bass.
– Lee Kerslake: Drums.

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