Fade To Black Backing Track

“Fade To Black” is a song by the American trash metal band Metallica that appears on their second album, “Ride The Lightning”, Released in 1984. It was written by all four members of the band at that time, James Hetfield, Kirl Hammett, Lars Ulrich, and Cliff Burton.

The song is included in the so-called “The Big Four” and has a structure very similar to that of the other three (“One”, The Day That Never Comes “and” Welcome Home (Sanitarium) “), starting with an acoustic part. , then a heavier riff, repeat both again, then a faster riff and finally a different, more epic riff ending with an explosive and prolonged guitar solo and a final fade out. Said guitar solo, played by Kirk Hammett, it was considered by the specialized magazine Guitar World as one of the 100 best solos in all of history.

It was the first Power Ballad of the group and this generated some controversy among the most radical fans of the band as they considered that they were becoming commercials but really the song, even today, is still one of the favorites and one of the most requested in the band’s live concerts.

– James Hetfield: Vocals and acoustic and rhythm guitar.
– Kirk Hammett: Lead Guitar.
– Cliff Burton: Bass.
– Lars Ulrich: Drums.


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