Moonlight Shadow

“Moonlight Shadow” is a song written by British guitarist and multi-instrumentalist Mike Olfield for his eighth album “Crises”. It was released as a single in May 1983.

he song was sung by Scottish vocalist Maggie Reilly and produced by Simon Philips and Mike Oldfield himself and has thus far become the musician’s biggest hit along with his first album “Tubular Bells”.

In an interview Mike Oldfield stated that the lyrics were originally inspired by the movie “Houdini”, starring Tony Curtis, although he acknowledged that, even unconsciously, it was possible that it was influenced by the death of John Lennon.

– Mike Oldfield: Guitars, Keyboards.
– Maggie Reilly: Vocals.
– Phil Spalding: Bass.
– Tim Renwick: Rhythm guitar.
– Simon Philips: Drums and percusion.

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