“Paranoid” is the second song from the English group Black Sabbath’s second album, recorded and released in 1970.It was originally composed as a filler for the album (to be titled “War Pigs”, as the first track on the album) but finally ended up not only giving the album its name but also being one of the band’s greatest hits.

The song begins with a guitar riff on E, and then the bass and drums add up to a classic, powerful, continuous hard-rock beat that can even be seen as a beginning to what later became punk.

It has been considered by channels and magazines such as VH1, VH1 Greatest Hard Rock Songs, Q or Rolling Stones as one of the best Hard-Rock songs of all time.

– Ozzy Osbourne: Vocals.
– Tommi Iommi: Guitar.
– Geezer Butler: Bass.
– Bill Ward: Drums.

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