Sweet Jane Backing Track

“Sweet Jane” is a song that the New York band The Velvet Underground included on their fourth studio album, “Loaded”, in 1970. It was written by Lou Reed, the band’s frontman, leader, singer, and guitarist, who continued to play it in his live solo performances after leaving the band.

The song was originally composed of a simple and repetitive guitar riff in D major (D / D, A, G / B minor, A, D) for the entire verse and another for the chorus (D, A, G). Later he alternated the song in those of D Major and E major.

Rolling Stone magazine placed it at number 335 on the list of the 500 best songs of all history and was seen by artists such as David Bowie, Brownsville Station or The Jim Carroll Band.

– Lou Reed: Vocals and rhythm guitar.
– Sterling Morrison: Lead guitar and backing vocals.
– Doug Yule: Bass and backing vocals.
– Maureen Tucker: Drums.

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