Symphony Of Destruction

“Symphony Of Destruction” was the second single from the fifth studio album by the American trash metal band Megadeth. It was written by singer, founder and guitarist of the band Dave Mustaine and produced by Mustaine himself and Max Norman.

In a concert in Buenos Aires (Argentina) in 1994 the public, in the opening bars of the song and over the guitar riff of the intro, began to chant “Megadeth, Megadeth, stamina Megadeth”, a custom that has spread throughout many countries like Chile, Guatemala, Peru, Mexico, Colombia, Ecuador, Spain, Norway, etc. .. in which that phrase or some variants are sung.

The letter is a criticism of political and opinion leaders and speaks of the danger they pose to humanity.

– Dave Mustaine – lead vocals, rhythm guitar.
– Marty Friedman – lead guitar, backing vocals.
– Dave Ellefson – bass, backing vocals.
– Nick Menza – drums, backing vocals.

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