“Wonderwall” is a song written by Noel Gallagher, guitarist and lead songwriter for the British band “Oasis”, and has become the band’s main and best-known hit throughout his career.

The track begins with chords in Em (but with a capo at fret 2) with fairly typical positions on the acoustic guitar (Em7 / G / Dsus4 / A7sus4) until the voice comes in and sings the first verse. From the second, bass, drums, electric guitar and mellotron are added to the end.

The song was the fourth single from the second album, “(What’s the story) morning glory?”, By the Manchester band and was produced by Noel Gallagher and Owen Morris. At first Noel himself was going to sing it but his brother Liam (they still didn’t get along so badly) asked him if he would let him sing it and he accepted.

– Liam Gallagher – vocals, tambourine
– Noel Gallagher – acoustic and electric guitars, piano, bass guitar
– Paul “Bonehead” Arthurs – mellotron, acoustic guitar
– Alan White – drums

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