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Call Me The Breeze Backing Track

“Call Me The Breeze” is a song by American guitarist, singer and songwriter J.J. Cale. It appeared on their first

30 October, 2023
10 Easy Blues Rock Licks Backing Track

10 easy blues rock licks to use in your own solos and improvisations. You can play it on A blues

11 October, 2023
10 Iconic Guitar Solos (2) Backing Track

Backing tracks of 10 of the most iconic electric guitar solos of all time: 0:00 Sweet Child Of Mine (Guns

2 April, 2023
Hey Hey My My (Into The Black) Backing Track

“Hey Hey, My My (Into the Black)” is a song written by Canadian musician Neil Young (although in the credits

20 March, 2023
10 Classic The Rolling Stones Riffs (Standard Tuning) Backing Track

10 classic The Rolling Stones riffs in standard tuning: 00:04 Jumpin´Jack Flash 01:05 Brown Sugar 01:37 Paint It Black 02:19

5 March, 2023
Six Blade Knife Backing Track

“Six Blade Knife” is a song composed by the singer, guitarist and leader of the British band Dire Straits for

19 February, 2023
Sweet Home Chicago Backing Track

“Sweet Home Chicago” is a 12-bar blues song on I-IV-V chords written, recorded, and performed by Robert Johnson. Over time

29 January, 2023
10 Iconic Guitar Intros (1) Backing Track

10 of the most iconic electric guitar intros of all time: 00:03 Sweet Child O´Mine (Guns´N Roses – Slash) 00:53

15 January, 2023
Happy Xmas (War Is Over) Backing Track

“Happy Xmas (War is Over)” is a song by British musician John Lennon recorded at Record Plant Studios in New

8 January, 2023
Come As You Are Backing Track

“Come As You Are” is a song by the Seattle band Nirvana included on their 1991 second studio album Nevermind.

4 December, 2022
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